SIRUI VD-01 Anamorphic Lens

Express the director in you.

2.4 : 1 Aspect Ratio

 Creates Cinematic "Widescreen Film" Vision.

Image with SIRUI VD-01 Anamorphic Lens

Image without SIRUI VD-01 Anamorphic Lens

Retro-style Anti-reflection Coating


Produces Sci-Fi Light Leaks and Flares effects.

It can be a challenge for normal lenses and post-editing applications to achieve the distinctive science-fiction lens flares effects generated by the SIRUI Anamorphic Lens

No Plastic Lens


Each Lens Element Includes High Quality German Manufactured Schott Optical Glass

To achieve high-resolution images and videos

• Aircraft Aluminium Housing
• German Manufactured Schott Optical Glass Lens Elements
• Multi-layer Anti-reflection Coatings

No Need for Heavy
and Cumbersome DSLRs

Shoot Easy with the SIRUI Anamorphic Lens.

Capture stunning images
anytime and anywhere

Attaches easily to the SIRUI Mobile Lens Clip Adapter.

Compatible with the SIRUI CPL and Adjustable ND Filters

SIRUI filters are sold separately.

Circular Polarizer Filter

Adjustable ND Filter

Experience cinematic video shooting with the SIRUI Anamorphic Lens

The Anamorphic Lens requires the SIRUI Smarter App.

The SIRUI Smarter App is required to transform the aspect ratio of mobile videos to 2.4:1.

We recommend purchasing the FilMic Pro App for more professional features.

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